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Path of Diablo Analytics gathers and aggregates character build data from the top of each Path of Diablo class ladder. All build information is based on the top 200 characters from every class.

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About Path of Diablo Analytics

Deleted Characters

Characters that have earned a spot on the ladder, but have since been deleted are not included. The build data for deleted characters is unavailable.

Ineligible Characters

Characters are currently considered ineligbile for inclusion in Path of Diablo Analytics when they have spent fewer than 85 skill points. Enforcing an 85 skill point threshold helps to produce more meaningful information.

Build Data Latency

"The ladder rankings don't match the official Path of Diablo ladder." -- "I'm not able to find my character in the build data."

The ladder and character build data is gradually collected and updated over time. Path of Diablo Analytics will never be 100% in sync with the live ladder data for the curent season. You can expect an estimated 24 hour delay.

Missing Seasons

Path of Diablo Analytics started collecting ladder rankings and character build data during Season 7 (January 2019 - August 2019). Character data prior to Season 7 is unavailable.

What is Path of Diablo?

Path of Diablo is a popular mod of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction with its own server and thriving online community. While staying true to the original Diablo II experience, every new season of Path of Diablo introduces various updates to content, skills, and items.

The careful balance changes made to the game often introduce new build possibilities. This leads to a unique and exciting experience with each ladder reset. Fans of the original Diablo II series can enjoy a dose of nostalgia while appreciating the game's enhancements and replayability.


Contribute to Path of Diablo

Whether you are a casual player or a competitive ladder climber, Path of Diablo needs your support to keep the lights on. Any amount you can give will go a long way in funding private servers, the trade website, and other infrastructural costs that we take for granted.

For those of you already contributing, thank you for supporting a game and community we all enjoy. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.